A $200,000 Skateboard Trick, in Super Slow Motion

Kelvin Hoefler’s winning feat at the SLS Super Crown.  

Yesterday, eight of the world’s top male and female skaters competed for the largest prize in competitive skateboarding history, $1 million, and they pulled off some incredible tricks at the SLS Super Crown event.

The competition was broken into two sections: first a course run with a timer and goal to do as many tricks as possible, then a second portion devoted to the best trick, where rookie Kelvin Hoefler really spread his wings. He landed two impressive tricks, a halfcab nosegrind revert and fullcab backside tailslide to fakie. Together, they earned him enough points to score $200,000, finishing just ahead of fan favorite Nyjah Huston.

The event also marked the first time women competed for their own prize—albeit for $30,000, much smaller than the top prize for men. Leticia Bufoni had no trouble separating herself from the heard early and cruised into first place. After landing her 360 flip across the up-down gap, she made history and became the very first woman to earn a Super Crown.

Watch both of their money-making tricks in the videos above.