Kim Davis’ Emails Are Exactly What You’d Expect Them to Be

Kim Davis stands with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee in front of the Carter County Detention Center on Sept. 8, 2015. 

Photo by Ty Wright/Getty Images

Thanks to Kentucky’s open records law, the Associated Press obtained the emails that anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis sent leading up to her five days in jail. Here are the highlights:

It has truly been a firestorm here and the days are pretty much a blur, but I am confident that God is in control of all of this!! I desire your prayers, I will need strength that only God can supply and I need a backbone like a saw log!!

They are going to try and make a whipping post out of me!! I know it, but God is still alive and on the throne!!! He IS in control and knows exactly where I am!!

September 1 will be the day to prepare for, if the Lord doesn’t return before then. I have weighed the cost, and will stay the course.

These are not the words of a rational public servant attempting to do her taxpayer-funded job to the best of her abilities. Nor are they the words of a conflicted religious person attempting to obtain an accommodation to balance her personal faith and public duties. These are the words of a religious fanatic who views herself as the protagonist in an epic, possibly biblical battle between good and evil—a millenialist zealot who hopes the rapture, rather than mere earthly courts, will intervene to save her.

We knew already that Davis’ crusade was no typical Hobby Lobby­-esque battle between secular law and religious conviction. But these emails reveal the extent of Davis’ delusions, demonstrating her belief that, by denying marriage licenses to gay couples, she was acting as an agent of God. The emails are thus more evidence that Davis’ extremist, fringe-group attorneys at the Liberty Counsel—who are now representing an anti-gay pastor accused of crimes against humanity—were crassly taking advantage of her numinous lunacy.