A Chilly Chilean Horse Rescue

Snowboarders save a horse trapped in the snow while riding in the Andes.

A reminder to skiers who think they own the mountains: Not all snowboarders are bad. You hear that, Alta and Deer Valley? Some snowboarders are heroes, rigid, old-school propriety be damned.

Take the video above, for instance. In it, two snowboarders—including a GoPro-toting Rafael Pease—were chasing some untouched powder in Chile when they came across a horse trapped in the 4-feet-deep snow. Realizing it wouldn’t survive much longer in the elements, the two of them set to work in attempt to free it from its frozen prison.


After feeding it a quick snack and digging it out, they then led it down the mountain via a jerry-rigged leash. Once getting to town, they were apparently able to track down its owner, who, one imagines, was relieved to see its cold equine face. All in all, the horse had been trapped in the snow for four days.

The video is yet another addition to GoPro’s library of video advertorials, and it somehow manages to bridge the gap between snowboard porn and amazing/adorable/incredible animal video—as impressive a feat as any high-flying stunts normally recorded via the action camera, really.

But most important, it will warm your frigid hearts—not to mention send a message to the uptight skiers of the world, hopefully.