The Absolutely Fabulous Movie Just Put Out a Casting Call for Celebrity Drag Lookalikes

Patsy (Joanna Lumley) and Edi (Jennifer Saunders) in the first still from AbFab: The Movie.

Photo by Fox Searchlight Pictures and BBC Films

Sweetie! Darling! The AbFab movie really is coming in 2016. Twenty-four years after the first episode of Absolutely Fabulous aired in Britain, trend-chasing publicista Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders), dissolute magazine editor Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley), and the vast majority of the extended Monsoon family will be swigging Bolly and generally being the worst one more time.

Since it was first rumored in 2011, the movie has gone through more denials and confirmations than Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, but since the British tabloids treat it like they used to handle sightings of the Loch Ness Monster—long on photos, short on concrete details—there is now absolutely no doubt that it is happening. Best of all, according to Britain’s Spectator, the producers recently put out a call for “polished queens who can sing and act,” as well as “a large crowd of draggy camp fantastic looking queers!” They were also looking to cast “celebrity drag lookalikes” for figures such as Cher, Christina Aguilera, and Tammy Wynette.

It’s good to know that as Absolutely Fabulous moves from the living room to the cinema, Saunders and co. are proudly celebrating AbFab’s status as one of the gayest, campest shows in TV history.