Did You See This?

The Tree Goats of Morocco Strike Again

The fruit of the Argania tree calls.

We’ve met the tree goats of Morocco before, but this delightful footage seems like a good occasion to remember they exist. The video is from Photo Workshop Adventures, a company that organizes photo adventure vacations.

The goats love the fruits of the Argania tree—so much, in fact, that they don’t wait for them to fall. They do this. Yes, it looks a bit like a wire fu scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but it’s the real thing.

Argania farmers don’t mind at all, thanks to the seed-packed manure the goats produce. It’s the source of the Argan oil into which Moroccans love to dip bread and serve on couscous and pasta. The oil has even been gaining worldwide popularity as a heart-healthy gourmet oil and an ingredient in pricey personal care products.

Update, Dec. 2, 2015: This video was removed because of a copyright claim.