Did You See This?

“Echo and Rhyme”

How George Lucas’ two Star Wars trilogies call out to each other visually.

In the video above, George Lucas points to the visual connection between his pair of Star Wars trilogies: “You see the echo of where it all’s gonna go. It’s like poetry. They rhyme.” In this loving mashup created by fan Pablo Fernández Eyre, it’s easy—and exciting—to see what he means.

It’s easy to forget now, but one of the Star Wars films’ underlying goals was to evoke the hokey, serialized stories Lucas devoured as child at Saturday movie matinees. When Lucas began releasing his prequel trilogy in 1999, the same tongue-in-cheek goofiness seemed to put off fans nostalgic for the original trilogy’s sense of awe.

Still, the visuals were incredible, and Lucas consciously choreographed a resonating dance that connects the trilogies on a level beyond the story that binds them. Fernández Eyre captures that nicely in his mashup.