New Horizons’ Next Destination

It’s a billion miles beyond Pluto.

It’s been two months since New Horizons successfully flew through the Pluto system, and it’s now in the process of streaming 60 gigabits of data back to Earth. NASA released new animation, made with real images taken by the spacecraft and enhanced for clarity, for an incredible first-person view of what New Horizons saw as it came in sight of and then passed by Pluto on its way out to the Kuiper Belt.

NASA also selected a potential new target the craft, a small Kuiper Belt object that orbits nearly a billion miles beyond Pluto. After that, NASA plans to continue exploring objects in the Kuiper Belt region until New Horizons runs out of fuel, sometime in the mid-2030s. By then, the spacecraft will be approximately 9.3 billion miles from the sun.