Whale Rising

Snorkelers catch an incredible humpback whale breaching on camera.

GoPro videos tend to be impressive by their very nature. The tiny action cams have afforded professional and amateur videographers alike to capture truly incredible moments with ease. As proof, GoPro’s YouTube channel is basically just a library of extreme human ridiculousness.  Even with that lineup, the video above sets the impressiveness bar pretty high—and no gravity-defying stunt was needed to do it.

Featuring a group of snorkelers who encounter a humpback whale mother and her calf, the video starts with a series gorgeous shots of the formidable beasts in the water. But it’s at the end, that it truly takes off—literally and figuratively. Suddenly building momentum from beneath the snorkelers, the elder whale shoots up toward them—swimming as if shot from a cannon—before breaking through the surface and breaching the water. And it’s all captured via the waterproof GoPro. It’s a truly incredible shot that no broken limbs were risked in getting.