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Build Your Own Bar, Table, or Even a House With These Oversized Lego-Inspired Bricks


EverBlock is an interlocking series of life-size modular bulding blocks that allow you to bulid custom furniture like this sleek Lego-inspired bar.


Courtesy of EverBlock


Lego bricks have long been adult building fodder for furnituresculpturesfashion accessories, and other items often requiring thousands of pieces. The company’s own Danish headquarters are inspired by the iconic shape of the Lego brick.

But now thanks to New York City–based EverBlock, you can construct life-sized modular furniture, room dividers, temporary special event structures, and even disaster relief shelters made of giant foot-long Lego-inspired modular building bricks.


A modular dividing wall.  


Courtesy of EverBlock

“I hope that EverBlock opens up opportunities for designers and inventors, both professionals and individuals and provides the basis for new types of innovation and creation,” EverBlock founder and CEO Arnon Rosan writes on his website.

A Lego-inspired coffee table.  

Courtesy of EverBlock


Small modular furniture made from EverBlock bricks can be assembled without glue.  


Courtesy of EverBlock


A grown-up dining table made from Lego-like building blocks.


Courtesy of EverBlock

EverBlock bricks include interlocking 12-inch, 6-inch, and 3-inch blocks and a foot-long finishing cap in a variety of colors. Made from a chemical- and weather-resistant rigid polypropelyne co-polymer, the bricks can be cleaned with standard cleaning solutions, and outdoor structures can be pressure-washed.


Open shelving for the kids.  


Courtesy of EverBlock


A modular shelving unit divides the desk and bed.


Courtesy of EverBlock

While no glue is necessary to assemble the pieces, which can be disassembled and reassembled at will, the company offers connector clips, hanging clips, and reinforcement rods as well as metal base plates and feet for more demanding structures, as well as design services and a virtual 3-D builder on its website to help novice builders tackle the inevitable challenges of making the life-sized building bricks into sound structures for everyday use.


EverBlock units can be used to build disaster relief shelters and temporary building site offices.


Courtesy of EverBlock