Happy, Happy Hippo

A baby hippopotamus at the San Diego Zoo is the perfect Labor Day weekend role model.

Some unsolicited Labor Day weekend advice: Go swimming. As it does every year, the summer-to-fall-to-winter transition will happen at a cruel pace, and before you know it, your frigid commutes to work will leave you understanding why Han cut open that tauntaun. What I’m saying is your window for water-related activities is closing.

Should you need more of a push than that, Devi the baby hippo is here to help. Just five months old, the San Diego Zoo resident is a hippo calf with a huge personality and a deep love of water—as she should. She is a hippo, after all.

In the video above, Devi shows off both of these traits, as well what the zoo’s senior animal keeper, John Michel, described as a newly learned maneuver: a barrel roll. She is adorable, and her minute-plus on camera will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. Hopefully, it’ll also provide proper motivation in your long weekend plan-making.