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Nothing Will Stop Michelle Duggar From Passive-Aggressively Judging Your Strapless Dress

After we finish talking about our child molestation scandal, we need to talk about women who show too much collarbone at their weddings. 

Photo by Fox News via Getty Images

Their eldest son may have paid nearly $1,000 to Ashley Madison for the pleasure of talking to sexy women who were probably poorly programmed fembots, but that will not stop the Duggars from passive-aggressively sneering at the loose morals of people who enjoy cleavage and alcohol.

Over the weekend, Amy Duggar, who is Jim Bob Duggar’s niece and who has been using her uncle’s family’s fame as a launching pad for her career as a country singer, got married to Dillon King. But while Amy was happy to pop up on her family’s TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, she was not about to let their fundamentalist beliefs dictate how she threw a wedding. There was alcohol. And dancing! And, heaven save us, the bride wore a strapless dress with a peekaboo panel around her midriff

The Duggar family post about the wedding on Facebook was delicious in its pettiness:


It’s a shame Michelle Duggar hates gay culture, because this is a gorgeously campy attempt to throw shade. Pretending to honor your niece’s wedding by posting pictures of your daughter’s oh-so-modest one instead? It takes a master to shame a bride while pretending that you’re congratulating her.

Duggar fans are flooding the post’s comments to accuse Michelle Duggar and her daughter Jessa Seewald of being “rude,” “self-absorbed,” and “disrespectful.” It’s a reminder that a lot of their fan base is actually composed of hate-watchers—often people who’ve escaped fundamentalism themselves. At sites like Free Jinger, hate-watchers are taking great pleasure in this display. “Amy’s wedding wasn’t godly enough for them to soil their FB page with,” reads a typical entry. “Perhaps they were trying to make up for having been at a wedding that had shoulders, dancing, alcohol, chairs for guests, a meal, manners, and fun.”

After being called out for a day for this, the family caved and posted photos from Amy Duggar and Dillion King’s wedding. Notably, however, the bride is only seen from a distance, in photos where it’s hard to make out what her dress looks like. There is, however, a photo of the flower girls, their ankles demurely covered by their skirts.