No Photos, Please

A terrifying encounter between GoPro and Grizzly.

A note to misguided tourists who want more bear appearances during their national park visits: be careful what you wish for.

While grizzlies are undeniably impressive creatures—the king of the North American wild, if you will—the video above is a helpful reminder of what bears can do to you if they’re unhappy.

Shot from the perspective of a helpless GoPro camera mounted in the ground, the footage first shows a powerful grizzly approach, the bear cautiously investigating the situation. Then, unprovoked, it takes its aircraft carrier-sized paw and smashes the adventure cam halfway to the Earth’s core.

Miraculously, the camera survives the ordeal (GoPros: so tough!), but let this serve as a public service announcement. Grizzlies are not here for your entertainment. They can and will crush you. The end.