Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel Is a Superstar

Your July Fourth inspiration has arrived.

Hello, friend. Are you struggling through the last hours of your week before the joy of July Fourth festivities? Do you need a reminder that happy times and a weekend of water-centric activities are ahead of you? Well, you’re in luck, because I can think of no greater gift than a minute’s worth of watching a squirrel named Twiggy waterski.

The video above, which captures Twiggy’s electric appearance at this year’s Summer X Games in Austin, Texas (and comes courtesy of GoPro), features the seventh Twiggy to pick up the waterski rope. Which explains the squirrel’s prodigious ability to shred—its pedigree is strong.

Chuck and Lou Ann Best of Deltona, Florida, began training the adorable animal athletes to ski in 1978, when the original Twiggy was orphaned following Hurricane David. A joke about teaching it to ski with their daughter’s remote-controlled boat became an actual thing, and eventually led to an appearance on Real People. Years later, after guest starring in movies such as Anchorman and Dodgeball, Twiggy’s something of a celebrity.

And for good reason: Look at that little guy rip. It’s a squirrel! That waterskis!