Shark Cam

Glide through the ocean with this hammerhead-mounted camera.

When cinematographer, TV host, and shark enthusiast Andy Casagrande straps on his SCUBA gear and plunges into an underwater gathering of sharks, it seems a tad reckless, sure—but his end game is more than worthwhile. Just watch the video above.

Almost immediately after Casagrande dives in, a hammerhead approaches—which would be enough to send a shark-fearing man into shock—but Casagrande calmly pushes off its snout, maneuvers around it, and clips a GoPro mount to its dorsal fin. Mission accomplished.

As the hammerhead takes off, newly attached camera in tow, we’re treated to a shark’s-eye view of the ocean floor. And the effect is nothing short of perspective-changing.

For all the snuff film-like footage of great whites hunting down and ripping helpless cape fur seals to shreds, you can’t help but see this as a shark’s true day-to-day—peaceful, calm, moving effortlessly through the ocean to a destination yet to be determined.