Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Sex After Baby Edition

Listen to Slate’s parenting podcast on the dangers of helicopter parenting and having sex (or not) after having a baby.

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In this week’s edition of Slate’s parenting podcast Mom and Dad Are Fighting, Slate editors Allison Benedikt and Jessica Winter talk to Julie Lythcott-Haims, the author of How to Raise an Adult, about the long-term dangers of helicopter parenting. Then, real talk about sex after having a baby. Plus, Dr. TJ Gold of Tribeca Pediatrics helps us answer a listener’s question about bedwetting, and parenting triumphs and fails.

This week on Slate Plus, Allison talks about her family’s move from Brooklyn to the suburbs.

Items discussed in the show:

Mom and Mom recommend:

Allison recommends “Unlicensed SoHo Day Care is Shut After Death of Infant Boy” by Vivian Yee in the New York Times, and also recommends making sure you are sending your children to licensed and regulated day care providers.

Jessica recommends After Birth by Elisa Albert.

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