Here Are Some Catholics Who Feel Oppressed By Same-Sex Marriage

So much persecution. 

Still from Catholic Vote video.

A group called Catholic Vote has made a video. It is a PSA video about marriage and how the Catholics in the video know what marriage is. They know it is not gay. They know they are sad because other people, important people, have now said it can be gay.

They think that pretending this is a video about “coming out” before revealing their true purpose is clever and profound. They are wrong. It is offensive and stupid. They think that saying they have gay friends will protect them from criticism. They are wrong. I will criticize them, at the very least, for being bad friends. They think that they are being persecuted. They are not. In fact, they have no idea what actual persecution feels like. But sure, let’s “break down all these barriers”—maudlin sanctimony is best treated with fresh air and a dose of perspective. 

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