Amber the Downhill Dog

A fearless Hungarian Vizsla shows up her owner, mountain biker James Roxburgh.

Take notes, weekend warriors. Amber the Downhill Dog is about to put on a clinic. The athletic Hungarian Vizsla is the loyal training partner of mountain biker James Roxburgh, and is something to behold for couch surfers and part-time adrenaline fiends alike. Did we mention she’s athletic? She’s athletic. And fearless.

Watch as James drops his bike into the woods of Aldershot, England, with Amber in hot pursuit. GoPros capture his descent and show the lithe Vizsla chasing him through the treacherous terrain, never more than a few gallops behind and always clearly enjoying herself. When she’s rewarded with a bowl of water at the end of the trail, it’s well deserved.

In addition to the videos produced in partnership with GoPro, the pair has also built a healthy following on YouTube. It’s no surprise why: Amber is a star.