Google Celebrates LGBTQ Pride Month With Rainbow Easter Egg

Google gets into the spirit of Pride.

Screengrab from Google.com

As rainbow flags, accessories, and other paraphanelia begin to appear around the country in celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month, it’s only natural to want some of that celebratory color on your screen as well. Luckily, Google’s got you covered: In a charming Easter egg that seems to have appeared on Friday, searches including keywords like “gay,” “lesbian,” “bisexual,” “transgender,” “queer,” “gay pride,” and “LGBT” will produce a results page festooned with a rainbow-colored heart and string of human figures, hands linked in solidarity.

Search results at the end of the rainbow.

Screengrab from Google.com

This isn’t the first time Google has joined with the queer community in celebrating Pride. Last year, the company offered a similiar treatment on the search page, in addtion to a fun trick within the Google spreadsheet app that turned the columns prismatic upon entering the letters of PRIDE in the top row. I haven’t yet discovered a similar buried gem this year; if you find one, let us know in the comments. Happy Pride!