Here’s the Trailer for the Caitlyn Jenner Reality Show, I Am Cait

When Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair on Monday, the move was largely welcomed as a step forward for transgender awareness. However, some—including cover story writer Buzz Bissinger—did voice concerns that the forthcoming “docu-series” on notoriously crass network E! might not be such a clear positive. Would it present Jenner’s journey with dignity and display sensitivity to her incredibly privileged position relative to most trans women? Or would it devolve into a trashy Kardashian spin-off?

While it’s hard to tell from one minute of tape, the show’s first promo, released on Wednesday, is pretty encouraging. Understated and intimate, it shows Jenner getting ready for her day while discussing “the pressure women are under” with regard to their looks and, in a moment of confidence, asserting that she is “the new normal.” Let’s hope the actual series is as careful and dignified as this trailer suggests.