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Help Save Endangered Species by Tweeting These Emojis

The WWF’s Endangered Emoji campaign on Twitter wants to leverage social media to help save wild animals.

Courtesy of WWF

Today is Endangered Species Day, and the WWF is celebrating with a social media campaign to encourage people to save wild animals by making a microdonation every time they tweet emoji depicting giant pandas and other endangered species.

“The idea for the #EndangeredEmoji campaign was sparked by the discovery that 17 characters in the emoji alphabet represent endangered species,” reads a WWF press release.

The emoji alphabet currently contains characters representing the spider monkey, giant panda, Asian elephant, Galapagos penguin, Antiguan racer snake, Bactrian camel, Sumatran tiger, green turtle, Amur leopard, Siamese crocodile, Bluefin tuna, blue whale, Western gray whale, African wild dog, Lemur leaf frog, and Maui’s dolphin.

Courtesy of WWF

“When it comes to fundraising, giving people a simple way to donate is key,” Adrian Cockle, digital innovation manager at WWF International said in the release. “By using one of the world’s biggest social platforms to highlight endangered species, we’re hoping to raise vital funds for their conservation as well as raising awareness globally.”

You can sign up for the campaign on Twitter or at the Endangered Emoji website. To participate, retweet the image, and the WWF will keep tabs on how many Endangered Emoji you tweet, sending you a total at the end of the month that amounts to 0.10 euros (11 cents) per emoji in your local currency as a prompt to make a voluntary donation.