Gay Kiss on Dodger Stadium’s “Kiss Cam” Draws Cheers

For many (though certainly not all) gay men, sports game events can represent a site of anxiety. It’s on baseball and football fields and in the bleachers that surround them that traditional American masculinity is most zeaously enforced and, often, homophobia most thick in the air. But thankfully, times are chaging. In a cellphone video that’s rightfuly gone viral since its initial posting on YouTube last Saturday, two men can be seen kissing on the “Kiss Cam” in Dodger Stadium—a simple act for which they are rewarded with easily the most rapturous applause of any couple featured. (The big moment is at 28 seconds.)

Though the video-taker is claiming that this is first gay kiss to be featured on the Dodgers’ Kiss Cam, it is not the first time one has ever appeared on a big screen in a sporting arena. However, in the past such sweet displays of affection were often met with boos or awkwardness. It’s the unabashed cheers that make this instance so heartening.