A detailed recipe for a delicious cannabis-infused IPA from a Colorado brewmaster.

In Colorado, known for its 236 breweries and a fast-growing marijuana industry, it was only a matter of time before pot married the state’s signature potable. On the eve of 4/20, two local brewmasters shared a recipe with Slate for a carefully tested and refined tangerine pot-infused IPA, which they have naturally named Tangerine High-PA.

Watch the video above for a rundown of the essential steps, from temperature control to equipment to fermentation, which the creators say are essential to getting the brew right. The beer includes six different hops, and each bottle is infused individually with a small dose of hash oil tincture refined from a strain called tangerine. The brewmasters explained that hops are a natural pair with marijuana, with similar compounds and aromas, and they chose this strain because it has a citrusy profile that complements the hops in the IPA.

The recipe began from a basic pale ale method and evolved from there. The tangerine strain used is a sativa-dominant hybrid, so it’s more on the energizing head-high side of pot spectrum.

They’re also careful to point out that the steps outlined in the video are for High-PA and High-PA only, not a blueprint for cannabis beer in general—this is a tried-and-tested formula with deliberately chosen components. Anyone who simply purchases hash oil and drops it into their Sierra Nevada IPA will not get the same results. And while the recipe is involved, it’s fascinating for experienced homebrewers and novices alike, offering a glimpse at how the emerging cannabis industry continues to make inroads into many culinary traditions.

Note: Most ingredients and equipment are easy to find online, but of course the specific variety of hash oil used is available most easily (and legally) at Colorado shops.