This Gorgeous, Touching Ad May Help Bring Marriage Equality to Ireland

An image from the ad. Not the image that’ll make you cry, though.

BeLonG To/Invisible Thread Films

Ireland’s national referendum on marriage equality is nearly a month away, and polls suggest a supermajority of Irish citizens believes same-sex couples should have a right to marry. The referendum’s organizers, then, don’t really have to convince their fellow citizens that gay people deserve basic rights; they simply have to make sure the enlightened ones show up to vote. In a gorgeous new video titled “Bring Your Family With You,” Irish LGBT advocacy group BeLonG To has found a sweet and surprisingly touching way to nag people into voting:

I must note that BeLonG To’s ad, while beautiful, is not the best LGBT advocacy commercial ever made. That honor will likely forever belong to Australia’s “It’s Time,” which can reduce even the most stoic among us to a sniveling, lachrymose mess. If you don’t believe me now, you will in two minutes.