Happy 25th, Hubble!

NASA marks the occasion with an amazing journey into a nebula.

The Hubble Telescope’s 25th birthday is coming up, and NASA has been celebrating accordingly. After releasing a breathtaking photo that showcased Hubble’s full powers, the agency unveiled a video on Thursday that takes us inside the nebula featured in the anniversary image.

Located 20,000 light-years from Earth, the Gum 29 nebula contains over 3,000 stars in its center, a cluster called Westerlund 2. Per a NASA statement, the cluster is about 2 million years old and is home to some of our galaxy’s “hottest, brightest and most massive stars.” The region of space where Gum 29 and Westerlund 2 are located is one that has been studied deeply by astronomers. As points out, the youthful cluster showcases changing stars in a dynamic environment, offering a unique perspective to researchers.  

Watch the video above as the 3-D visualization comes to life, giving you a tour through colorful, glowing gas and bright young stars that’s sure to give you fresh appreciation for the beauty of outer space. Happy birthday, Hubble!