Plays With Squirrels Returns

The impressively prolific alternate identities of Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World.

Will Friedle, the actor behind Eric Matthews, posted a picture of himself on Twitter late last year on the set of Girl Meets World wearing the robes of his beloved moose-marrying hermit Plays With Squirrels. A Season 2 episode titled “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels” will air this year.

To aging TGIFers and rerun diehards alike, Mr. Squirrels truly is a legend. But Eric had many, many alternative personalities beyond Mr. Squirrels, and we decided to compile them in the video above. We nod to Eric’s ingenuity and also to the surprisingly good new series that’s bringing Mr. Squirrels back.

A “special episode” of Girl Meets World bridging the first and second seasons airs tonight on Disney.