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Watch the first-ever BASE jump from Mount Kilimanjaro.

BASE jumping, at its simplest, is about jumping off things. Specifically, the buildings, antennas, spans, and earth (i.e. cliffs) that make up the sport’s acronymic name. But for Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov, that definition should probably be expanded to include a completely separate category: Entire continents.

Rozov, who made history with his record-breaking, 23,687-foot jump off of Mount Everest in 2013, has pushed the sport’s limits yet again—this time by becoming the first person to successfully complete a jump from Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. The Red Bull-backed athlete first summited Africa’s highest mountain, and then jumped from its Western Breach Wall at about 17,913 feet. After gliding via wingsuit for about a minute, Rozov pulled his chute and landed at Baranco Camp to a mob of congratulatory locals. You can watch a video of the truly amazing feat above.

Per Red Bull, the jump took more than a year of preparation by the history-making Russian, and one imagines he’s already set his sights on his next mission. You’re officially on the clock, Mounts Elbrus, McKinley, and Aconcagua.