Definitely Look Down

Watch three extreme athletes BASE Jump off of Moab’s Fisher Towers.

Well, this is one way to get the juices flowing. Near Moab, Utah sit the Fisher Towers, a cluster of absurdly picturesque sandstone and mud towers that have long been the adrenaline-pumping fancy of the world’s more adventurous rock climbers. The skyscraping rock formations are jagged, densely packed together, and almost constantly consumed by dangerous winds. And three extreme athletes—Miles Daisher, Andy Lewis, and JT Holmes—decided to BASE jump off of them.

As you’ll see in the video above, bankrolled by Red Bull, the towers’ unique dangers did little to faze the experienced jumpers. Dissatisfied with merely climbing the rock face and making a standard BASE jump from the peak, the trio pulled off stunts such as a death-defying jump from a nearby mesa to the top of a tower and a BASE jump and descent via wingsuit. Red Bull does give you wings, clearly.