Cricketing Toughness Personified 

By a seagull. 

In comparison to the rugbys and footballs of the sporting world, cricket is not exactly a game known for its grit. But sometimes, a truly inspiring moment comes along that flips the putative softness of the sport on its head. Take the video above, for example. In it, an unlucky seagull is brutally struck by a screaming, hard-hit ball courtesy of batsman Adam Voges, an ugly incident that appears to leave the bird mortally wounded. Fearing the worst, the players somberly remove it from the field.

Any tears shed were for naught, though: The little guy soon regains consciousness and valiantly returns to the pitch. “That’s a bigger recovery since Rick McCosker in the Centenary Test!” screams the elated announcer as the 30,000-strong Melbourne Cricket Grounds crowd responds with a well-earned standing ovation. Thus proving, once again, that cricketing seagulls are some of the toughest athletes on the planet.