Hi Mom

Two partisan brothers get an unexpected call live on C-SPAN.

Dallas and Brad Woodhouse are getting their holiday mom time in early this year. The brothers—one a Republican, one a Democrat—were on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal this morning to take part in some fraternal political banter (and, ostensibly, a discussion about bipartisanship). Their mother was not a fan of the house-divided shtick.

When a call came in from Joy, of North Carolina, the boys were initially happy to be joined on the show by someone from “down south.” Not for long.

“You’re right I’m from down south,” says the caller, and mother to the in-studio guests.

“Oh god, it’s mom,” blurts Dallas, and what followed is the network’s most delightful segment in memory, with Joy lecturing her sons on their partisan bickering.

“I disagree that all families are like ours. I don’t know many families that are fightin’ at Thanksgiving. I was very glad that this Thanksgiving was a year that you two were supposed to go to your in-laws,” she says as hers sons look on, mortified. “I’m hoping that you’ll have some of this out of your system when you come here for Christmas. I would really like a peaceful Christmas.”

Now that doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it, boys?