Have Yourself a Vicious Little Christmas

My, how I’ve missed Vicious. Since the PBS-imported British sitcom finished its short six-episode run back in the summer, my life has been entirely too pleasant. We’re long overdue for a booster of rancor and sniping courtesy of Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, two of the greatest living actors, who also happen to make for a fabulously bitchy—not to mention incredibly endearing and intelligently realized—elderly gay couple.

Season 2 won’t arrive in the United States for some time, but luckily we have a little something to tide us over in the Vicious Holiday Special, which airs Christmas Day on most PBS stations. The episode partakes in the British tradition of bringing back beloved TV shows for a fun visit during the holiday season. Appropriately, the story depicts a Christmas party in the couple’s London flat that goes awry once the bubbles get going and gal-pal Violet (played by the wonderful Frances de la Tour) initiates a game of “Truth or Dare.”

I’m all for a cup of Christmas cheer, but sometimes the straight stuff can get a bit cloying—if you find yourself looking for a slightly bitter mixer this holiday season, a splash of Vicious is sure to do the trick.