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This Cowboy Dude Really Wants You to Stand With Hillary

Hillary Clinton might still be playing coy about whether she’ll run for president in 2016, but her fans sure aren’t. One of the newest Clinton-supporting super PACs, Stand With Hillary, released a three-minute music video supporting her yet-to-be-announced presidential bid. The group aims to promote Clinton’s image among working families, according to the Washington Post. I’m not sure it’s hitting its mark.

The video features a country singer performing in front of a barn in a cowboy hat and boots, men at work (the cowboy is also apparently a construction worker), and a woman on a motorcycle, riding down a lonely road, to attract … we’re not sure which voters, actually. “And now it’s 2016, and this time I’m thinkin’ guys, put your boots on and let’s smash this ceiling,” cowboy dude belts, echoing Clinton’s glass-ceiling meme from her 2008 primary bid for the Democratic nomination and making a memory for us all.

Amid clapping, lyrical singing of “Hillary,” and pointing at the sky, the country hottie reminds listeners that Clinton is a “great lady like the women in my life,” and a “mother, a daughter, and through it all she’s a lovin’ wife.” At the end, he mounts the motorcycle behind its female driver, and they ride off into the sunset—much like, one must imagine, the nation would do, should Clinton win the presidency in 2016.

The video does not appear to be a joke. According to the Post, the super PAC “is the project of Daniel Chavez, a longtime Democratic political operative, and media producer Miguel Orozco, who wrote a series of Latin-flavored songs celebrating Barack Obama in the 2008 election.”