The XX Factor

Watch President Obama Break Down Stereotypes About Toys for Girls and Boys

Earlier this month, President Obama joined the first lady for her annual photo-op-friendly volunteer gig with Toys for Tots. The Obamas were tasked with sorting each donated toy into a “girl” box and a “boy” box as press and select kiddos looked on. True to form, Obama kicked off the event with a square pop-culture reference (“I’m the big elf. I’m like Will Ferrell”), followed by a Dad joke: “Let’s get sorting. I’m positive that for girls 0 to 2, that’s perfect for the Call of Duty video game.”

But then Obama followed through on the joke, turning the toy-sorting gig into a referendum on gender roles. New basketball? Girl box. (“You know what? I want to make sure some girls play some ball.” Tool kit? Girl box. (“What, girls don’t like tools?”) Tee ball game? Girl box. (“Tee ball. Girls play tee ball, too.”) As Obama told the crowd: “Just trying to break down these gender stereotypes.” Unfortunately for America’s bravest boys, video of the event from NowThis News only shows Obama diversifying the girls box. Next year: Give the boys the rainbow looms they so desperately want.