Great Scott!

Is that Tony Hawk riding a hoverboard?

Yes, that’s 46-year-old skateboarding and adventure sports legend Tony Hawk in the video above. And yes, he’s riding a hoverboard.

Seriously—it’s not a hoax this time. That’s the real thing. Cross Doc Brown’s heart and hope to die.

With less than a year to go until the fictional date when Marty McFly first brought the hoverboard to our imaginations, it’s fitting that another guy who may or may not have access to a time machine took the world’s only working Back to the Future–inspired board for a spin. Sure, he might not be defying gravity to the extent that we’ve grown accustomed to from the most famous name in skateboarding—but still, Tony Hawk. On a hoverboard.

The board—which is currently being funded via Kickstarter—is designed by Los Gatos, California–based company Hendo Hoverboards. While not an exact replica of the McFly special (the magnetic-based tech inside is reliant on a metallic surface underfoot, so no outrunning any Biffs on the street), it will still likely be the coolest toy on the planet once development is complete.

And as for Hawk, now that he’s ridden the real thing, I think we can finally forgive him for Huvrboardgate.