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Solange Knowles Looks Like a Telepathic Space Queen in Her Wedding Portrait

Solange Knowles’ luminous, all-white wedding photos have landed. They come from a place outside of the space-time continuum and require nothing so ordinary as context, but here it is anyway, frail mortals: Over the weekend Solange, 28, married music video director Alan Ferguson, 51, in a three-day New Orleans spectacular. It began with a movie night—after a video of their courtship, the couple played Diana Ross’ Mahogany, which they saw on their first date—and at one point Solange and her 10-year-old son broke it down to Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone.” Sunday morning, Knowles and Ferguson biked to the ceremony on matching white antique bikes festooned with white flowers, dressed all in white. And photographer Rog Walker shot this:


Here are some words and phrases in the word-and-phrase cloud I made while gazing at this photo: CAPE, Illuminati, aliens, mind control, Cleopatra, scary, zombies, not human, CAPE. Solange and her wedding army, including sister Beyoncé (always a bridesmaid … ), look amazing. The bride, her hands clasped regally on her stomach, evokes the calm, benevolent leader of a colony of superwomen who communicate only through eye contact and wear metals mined from distant planets. Her outfit is by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. As I’ve mentioned, it has a cape. (Bey also rocked a cape in her “Bow Down” video, though not a nuptial cape.) The women, taking their positions in a mystically dilapidated old room with a mosquelike tile floor, appear bound by no dress code aside from color. (A colleague wonders: Can Knowles help the coastal-elite practice of letting bridesmaids choose the cuts of their own dresses go mainstream?) They stand simply, arms at their sides, almost like backup dancers for the bride.

If Kim Kardashian broke the Internet last week, Solange just broke Pinterest.

The big questions: Are the Knowles sisters bound by cosmological contract to make all things either more empowering or more cool looking? Is Beyoncé technically allowed to be center left? Will Solange’s artistically ambitious wedding photos change the entire wedding photo game?

It would be pretty awesome if hive mind space-core became the new norm in bridal party pictures. But while we wait to find out just how much this mind-blowing image impacts the heartland: Your move, Jennifer Aniston.