Paris, by Eagle

The new best way to see the City of Lights.

Whether in its snow-dusted glory at Christmas, during an autumn stroll with a significant other, or via high-speed chase while tracking down a holy bloodline, there are plenty of great ways to take in Paris. The City of Lights tends to be breathtaking no matter the view or company.

Forced to choose, though, we’d be hard-pressed to do better than the Sony Action Cam video above. Strapped to the back of a white-tailed eagle named Victor—who also happens to be conveniently perched atop the Eiffel Tower—the camera records as spectacular a view of the Parisian sprawl as you’ll ever see.

After taking in the sights for a few brief seconds, Victor takes off from his perch, soaring over the Seine and toward the Trocadéro Gardens at a clip of about 100 miles per hour, before looping back around and landing safely atop his handler’s forearm back on the ground. It’s an awesome video, a mini adrenaline rush, and—much to the chagrin of La Grande Roue, surely—arguably the best view of Paris possible.