Ask a Homo: A Queen on Queens

Welcome back to Ask a Homo, a judgment-free zone where the gays of Outward answer questions about LGBTQ politics, culture, etiquette, language, and other queer conundrums.

In today’s very special edition, professional queen and Outward contributor Miz Cracker stops by to take all your questions about the whys and wherefores of drag. (We had so many questions in this sparkly vein, in fact, that we’ll need two videos to cover them all—look for Cracker Part 2 in the coming weeks!) And if this segment piques your interest, be sure to check out (and tip!) a hard-working drag queen near you; all of Cracker’s ongoing shows in New York City can be found at her website


If there are questions you’ve been dying to ask a member of the real rainbow coalition, thisis your chance. Send your queries—for publication—to slateoutward@gmail.com, and please put “ASK A HOMO” in the subject line. Note that questions may be edited.


Other Questions Asked of Homos:

Why do some lesbians dress like guys? 
Do gay men have more fun than straight men?

Is it OK to ask if someone is gay?
Are gayborhoods dying out?
Why do lesbians make out in public? 
Why do some gays not believe in bisexuality?

Should allies signal their support of LGBTQ people to strangers?
Why do so many gay people love Joan Rivers? 
What does queer mean? 
How should I greet a closeted co-worker’s partner?
Why do gay men like musical theater?
Is it OK for straight women to talk about their “girl crushes”?
What was the best time in history to be gay?
Do lesbian couples always reflect a butch-femme dynamic?
Why is bitchiness encouraged among gay men?
What do lesbians think of LUGs—lesbians until graduation?
Why do gay people call themselves queer?