“Ripple’s Not Sitting, That’s for Sure”

A dog versus a weatherman on live TV.

Live from Edmonton, Canada—where news teams will apparently go to great lengths to distract from the fact that another soul-crushing winter is en route—comes further evidence that animals and live television rarely ever mix well. In the (hilarious) video above, Global Edmonton weatherman Mike Sobel is joined by Ripple, a young Shepherd-Bullmastiff mix up for adoption at the local Edmonton Humane Society. As you’ll see, Ripple is a fine-looking specimen—about 1½ years old, tan-colored with attractive brindle markings—who enjoys a good game of tug of war (live TV be damned) and chewing through his leash so as to make playtime more conducive to his energetic spirit.

Sobel’s a good sport, finishing up the bleak weather report as his guest drags him across the green screen and pounces all over him, but it’s Ripple who wins the segment. He is the greatest. Someone please adopt him.