Joe Manganiello Searches for the Real “Magic Mike”

A real “Magic Mike.” 

Still from trailer.

Joe Manganiello, the insanely brawny actor who plays—to the eternal gratitude of gay men everywhere—the werewolf Alcide in True Blood, made perhaps his most sizable impression as Big Dick Richie in 2012’s Magic Mike. But apparently Manganiello hadn’t gotten enough of the world of male stripping after filming wrapped; as Vulture covered yesterday, the actor is making his directorial debut with a documentary on the subject titled La Bare.

Here’s the possibly NSFW “red band” trailer for the documentary (it’s actually pretty tame, nudity wise).

Manganiello explained his excitement for the project in a statement to Vulture:

With La Bare, I had somehow sailed my way into uncharted waters and stumbled upon an island not recorded on any map … the completely misunderstood world of male entertainment.

With Magic Mike, we scratched the surface, and with La Bare, I had the opportunity to plumb the depths of this strange and provocative world hidden in plain sight.

La Bare is slated to arrive in theaters on June 27, a perfect vérité snack to tide us over until the fantasy beef meal that Magic Mike XXL promises to serve in summer 2015.