The Eye

A High-Tech Camera That’s Activated With a Kiss

KISS-KAM is a buttonless camera made with transparent OLED technology that’s activated by a kiss.

Courtesy of Stephan Doleschal/taliaYstudio

Vienna-based Talia Radford of taliaYstudio has developed a trio of warm and fuzzy prototypes she’s calling “a satirical comment on the wearable tech frenzy” that will be shown at the Confession of Design exhibition at the Milan Furniture Fair starting this week, reports Dezeen. The Holdables collection uses transparent OLED technology to make chic wearable tech objects. It includes MONOLED, a monocle with integrated lighting, and S.A.D. LOLLY, which combats seasonal affective disorder “by logging the wearer’s exposure to light” and then illuminates the OLED display for so-called light shots.

KISS-KAM, an extension of taliaYStudio and Jonas Bohatsch’s work on Thermobooth, an interactive photo booth that was triggered by skin contact between two people, is a buttonless camera with a transparent OLED panel that serves as viewfinder, shutter, and flash; kissing it triggers the camera to take a photo.

“You look through the viewfinder, see something you love and give the OLED viewfinder a kiss to capture the image,” Radford told Dezeen. “It leans heavily on the language of social media such as likes on Facebook and Instagram, and changes it into a gesture.”