What’s It Like to Film a Movie Sex Scene?

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Answer by Kathryn Hahn, actress, Bad Words:

Q: What is it like having simulated sex as an actor?

A: It’s always awkward. In Bad Words, it was my pal Jason Bateman, which made it hilarious. It helps that there were a bunch of people in there with us. We were packed in a practical closet, so it was very sweaty. Jason had the idea to put a pillow or two between us, which was very helpful. It just made it easier for us to laugh about it all.

Q: What is it like to study at the Yale School of Drama?

A: It was a blessed, vigorous three years where you don’t have to worry about career moves, the business, etc. It’s the most pure work you could possibly do. We were rehearsing Hamlet at 1 in the morning. We were creating one-man shows. It was heaven just to be able to surround yourself with what you really love for three years.

Also, my class was awesome, and I love that group so much. The level of talent in the room inspired me. We kept pushing and surprising one another. I will hold my experience at Yale School of Drama dear to my heart. Though I did it later in life and graduated when I was maybe 29, it was well worth it to me as a human being.

Q: What is one of your career bucket-list items?

A: To continue to work with directors who push and pull and tug. Often you’re hired because you’re known for a certain role or type of performance, and that sometimes can inspire a tiny bit of laziness on your part. Plus, I love the hard work, the getting ready, the research, etc. I would love to keep working with directors who have specific bodies of work that challenge me.

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