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Activist Thinks She’s Getting Exposure for Work, Gets Marriage Proposal Instead

The premiere of the latest season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia showcases the lovable gang of sociopaths coming up with a nasty new way to torture the one female member (spoiler alert): They build her up to believe that her dream of becoming a famous comedian is coming true. She’s going to have a guest spot on Conan O’Brien’s show! But then, they reveal it is all a ruse, sending her into despair. A terrible thing to do to someone, right? If you’re a New Yorker named Chirag Shah, apparently it’s inspiration for a romantic and oh-so-public marriage proposal. 

To be fair, Shah may not have seen this or possibly any episode of It’s Always Sunny, but his plot to propose to his girlfriend, Simone Jhingoor, was eerily reminiscent of it. He got Today to invite her on under the pretext that she would be talking about her work for the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, which was clearly a very exciting opportunity for her. But instead of getting to do what she thought she was there to do, Jhingoor was interrupted by Shah, who popped up with a diamond ring, a speech, and a marriage proposal. She accepted and, when asked by Al Roker if she had any idea that this was coming, said, “No! I thought I was here talking about my organization. I’m giving back to the community!” 

Well, I think you sound awesome, Simone Jhingoor. Your work with the WHEDCo does sound more interesting and unique than the fact that someone wants to marry you, which happens to 86 percent of women before they turn 40. While you didn’t get to talk about it on Today, I’m happy to share a quote from your organization’s website:

The Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco) has worked for over twenty years to build a more beautiful, equitable and economically vibrant Bronx. We reach over 35,000 people annually through energy-efficient, healthy and affordable homes; early childhood education and youth development; home-based childcare microenterprise and food business incubation; family support services; and arts programming.

Good luck to you in your marriage, of course, but we’re crossing our fingers that you’ll have future opportunities to highlight the important work you do in the world.