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Wes Anderson’s New Font Is …

The new poster for Wes Anderson’s much-anticipated follow-up to Moonrise Kingdom hit the Web today, and it’s predictably dollhouse-y and gorgeous, resembling the old-fashioned one-sheet for Moonrise Kingdom.

But one thing above all will stand out to longtime Wes fans: the typeface. Anderson has used Futura for most of his features since 1996’s Bottle Rocket, with the typeface even earning a coveted spot on the Wes Anderson bingo board. But recently he has mixed up his font game a bit, opting instead for a custom typeface, designed by Jessica Hische, for Moonrise Kingdom. What did he go with for his next picture, The Grand Budapest Hotel?

Archer. Christopher King, a friend and art director for the publisher Melville House, identified it for me, and a publicist from Fox Searchlight confirmed his ID. This side-by-side analysis, whipped up by Slate designer Natalie Matthews-Ramo, also makes it pretty clear:

Designer Jesse Ragan, who worked on the typeface for Hoefler & Frere-Jones, told me that there seem to be “no modifications.” Expect an uptick in designers using Archer in the near future. If Anderson uses it enough, I’ll have to update the bingo board.