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Wendy Davis Was a Brunette. Feminism Is a Lie.

Wendy Davis’ shocking plastic surgery “after” pic!

Photo by Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

Under the cover of darkness, an anonymous WordPress blog went up over the weekend that will finally end this entire charade that is Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis. The Real Wendy Davis exposes the deep, dark secret that will surely derail the career of this upstart pro-choice Democrat who represents Ft. Worth: She used to have a different hairstyle

That top photo is Davis in law school. The second is Davis today. To the normal human eye, this shocking photo evidence suggests a woman whose face has thinned with age and whose hair has been dyed and styled differently than it was before. To the intrepid conservative eye, however, this is dazzling proof that the evil feminist she-beast is hiding her true, unattractive face, probably with plastic surgery. After showing photographic evidence of how both political blogger Glenn Reynolds and President Obama looked better when they were younger, the anonymous blogger then goes in for the kill:

Now consider Texas state Senator Wendy R. Davis, who has recently been in the news being touted (however dubiously) as the Left’s technologically enhanced “feminist superhero.” She is 50 years old. Yet, unlike Reynolds and Obama, but like Mac Davis, it appears she gets better looking each day. If she has not found the Fountain of Youth, at minimum she has found very talented plastic surgeons and image consultants who have readied her for her closeup.

Somehow, during the past two decades she has been transformed from a frumpy, pleasant looking but plain-faced, flat-chested brunette with thick, messy hair, into a buxom blonde with excellent facial features and sleek, long, perfectly coiffed hair, like she stepped straight out of Vogue.

Somehow. Who knows what kind of witchcraft they perform in those “beauty salons.” Anonymous blogger goes on to write:

For someone who in the early 1990s was a feminist activist in law school, and who is currently posing as a champion of women’s rights, standing up to men who seek to dictate the way women should live, she seems to have devoted an unusual amount of attention to her physical appearance.

Burn! Feminists, as you have no doubt heard, are ugly things that no man would ever touch. So either Davis is hot but a fake feminist or a real feminist but actually very ugly. Either way, I’m glad this anonymous site has finally exposed … the deeply negative feelings about women and sex that motivate a movement to stomp out reproductive rights.