The XX Factor

What If Men and Women Switched Identities Up in the Club?

Yesterday, a video asking “What if guys and girls swapped roles at the bar?” went viral, skewering every part of the club-going experience. In the video’s world, girls, rather than guys, end up waiting in line forever to get past the doorman, pressure men into taking shots, and harass guys with low-cut tops. And guys don’t know their limits when they drink, talk sloppily about commitment to women they’ve just met, and grind with each other on the dance floor. As far as pointing out bad/lame behavior via gender role reversal, the video’s an equal-opportunity expose.

It’s also a good advertisement for avoiding the meat market bars, and the social rituals that go along with them. Because the main takeaway from this video is that long lines, loud bad music, shots, and the pressure to meet someone by the end of the night drives everyone insane, no matter whether they’re hitting the club in tight tank tops or collared shirts.