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If You Followed Jezebel’s Debate Drinking Game for Ladies, You Are Very, Very Sober Right Now

“Let’s just not talk about women, OK?”

Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images.

Earlier Wednesday, Jezebel helpfully posted its “Ultimate Presidential Debate Drinking Game for Ladies,” to help all women, whether Republican or Democrat, better enjoy the first-ever Romney-Obama throwdown. Cute suggestions included, “If either candidate mentions equal pay, take 77% of a shot” and “Take your birth control pill and wash it down with a swig of beer at mention of Planned Parenthood.”

Other sure-to-get-you-loaded keywords, as of 5:30 p.m. EST: abortion, Lilly Ledbetter, same-sex marriage.*

Well, we watched the whole debate, patiently waiting … waiting … waiting for a lady reason to drink.

This just wasn’t our night! War-on-women fans, on to the veeps! We’d suggest that at next week’s debate you drink when Paul Ryan says “rape exception” or Biden appeals to all the “hard-working Scranton moms” but after tonight, who really knows. Big Bird.

Correction, Oct. 3, 2012: This post originally misspelled Lilly Ledbetter’s first name.