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Amy Poehler and Meryl Streep Are Pissed About Attacks on Reproductive Rights

The past year of escalating attacks on reproductive health care—you may remember hits such as  the “forced transvaginal ultrasound” and calling a woman a “slut” because she believes insurance companies should cover contraception—have really proved a bridge too far for the anti-choice movement. The various outrages have caused ordinary people who usually tune out of these sorts of things to actually tune in, forcing Mitt and Ann Romney to go on their “I love women” tour. And now the anti-choicers have really done it, provoking a group that can pretty much get anyone’s attention: celebrities.


Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights is releasing a new, star-studded campaign (which, full disclosure, my boyfriend helped edit) featuring Kevin Bacon, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Audra McDonald, Bill Crudup, Martha Plimpton and Meryl Streep, all getting irate at the dismissive, misogynist language that’s been pissing a lot of us off for years. The Georgia lawmaker that they mention, who compared women to farm animals, is likely Terry England, who defended forcing women to complete pregnancies, even when the fetus has defects incompatible with life, by saying, “I’ve had the experience of delivering calves, dead and alive—delivering pigs, dead and alive.”

You can watch the video above. I’m pretty sure Tea Leoni is based on me.