What Is a Good Approximation of How Much Money Skyler Had in the Storage Unit When She Showed Walt How She Stopped Counting It?

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Answer by Tom Cook, systems administrator:

During Breaking Bad Episode 8’s cook montage, we see that the purple bill wrapper is for $2,000:

We’ll use $2,000 as the low estimate for every bill bundle. There are larger bundles ($5,000?) in there, but there’s no way to know how many of each type. We get a couple hints to the overall volume of the stack in other shots:

Width: 12 bills
Height:  about 40 to 45 bundles

Depth:  about 17 bills

Based on this nonscientific image analysis, the minimum amount in the pile would be around $17.5 million If every bundle were $5,000, then it’d be $43.86 million. The actual value is likely somewhere in between those two estimates.
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