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Hanna Rosin vs. David Plotz

You’re invited: Come see Slate’s editor interview his wife (and DoubleX co-founder) about her new book, The End of Men.

Hanna Rosin, 2012
Author and DoubleX co-founder Hanna Rosin

Photograph by Nina Subin

Hanna Rosin—DoubleX co-founder, Atlantic senior editor, and my wife—has just written a book titled The End of Men: And the Rise of Women.

Really, that’s the title.

Hanna’s book, which chronicles the extraordinary strides women have made in the last few decades—and the equally extraordinary problems that have ensnared men—will be starting arguments in offices, at kitchen tables, and in marital beds all fall.

Especially in our bed! As Hanna’s husband, I find this book—how to put this charitably?—a mixed blessing. It’s very nice for our checking account that she has been paid to write The End of Men. But really: What part of our life together has prompted her to predict doom for me and my half of the human race? Do I load the dishwasher incorrectly? Have I botched the repair on the downstairs toilet one too many times? Do I not talk about my feelings enough?


So on Sept. 12, please come join Slate, Hanna, and me in New York City for a battle of the sexes. At 7 p.m. at the North Cabanas at the Maritime Hotel in Manhattan, I’m going to interview—make that, interrogate—Hanna about her fantastic new book. Are men really finished? Are women taking over marriages? Offices? Bedrooms? Jail cells? Why? What happens to couples when the woman outearns the man? Does she become The Man?

And how is Hanna going to explain this book to our two sons, when they get old enough to read it?

Afterward, we’ll have drinks and Hanna will sign books. Please get your tickets here.

You can pre-order The End of Men here. It’s half-price for men. Well, not really. But it should be.

Washingtonians—I’ll also be interviewing Hanna in D.C. about the book on Sept. 11, at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue. (Tickets here.) And Hanna will be speaking in Boston, Louisville, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London in the fall.