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The Many Ways Lil Wayne Has Treated Women With “Ultimate Respect”

Lil Wayne and friends.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

More than two weeks after pulling his protégé, Nicki Minaj, from the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert when a DJ criticized her music in front of the crowd, Lil Wayne has finally broken the silence on his controversial move. The rapper and Young Money front man told MTV, “I don’t know what anyone else believes, but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how.”

Below we take a look at the many ways in which Weezy has demonstrated his deference for the female sex.

(These clips, by the way, are NSFW.)

“Break Me Off” featuring Big Tymers and Unplugged

To show his ultimate respect, Wayne recreates in pornographic detail what are presumably his daily dalliances with all different kinds of “bitches.”

“Hoes” featuring Mannie Fresh

Demonstrating his deference “at all times no matter,” Wayne proclaims to have “old school bitches” and “new school hoes.”

“Miss Me” with Drake

Wayne likes to discuss his nether regions quite a bit, as well as the many women who have apparently been in contact with them.

“A Milli”

Wayne enlightens us with how much he “hates” a “shy bitch,” but comes up with an elegant solution: after he’s through with her, she’ll change her name to “[his] bitch.”

“Got Money” with T-Pain

The rapper may respect the ladies no matter when, where or how, but if they’re not “thick,” they will never get the pleasure of his company.

“Look at Me Now” with Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes

Wayne continues to illustrate the depth of his respect for the opposite gender by explaining that he’s “got a bitch that play in movies in my Jacuzzi,” followed by two words that vividly elaborate this point.

“Every Girl” with Young Money

Because he does not judge, the rapper and his entourage here sing about wishing they could have sex with “every girl in the world.” In a move that incensed pretty much everyone, he backed up this bold lyric by performing it at the 2009 BET Awards with a group of pre-teen girls dancing on the stage.

“HYFR” with Drake

As he showed with the Minaj-Hot 97 situation, if Weezy is displeased with your actions, sometimes he must take matters into his own hands. Sample lyric: “After my session, she came over/ I was aggressive, and she was sober/ I gave her pills she started confessing and started undressing.”