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Bachmann’s Campaign Resignation Speech, by the Numbers

Michele Bachmann suspended her presidential campaign Wednesday morning

Andrew Burton/Getty Images.

After a single-digit showing in last night’s Iowa Caucus, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has ended her campaign for president. She gave a brief speech Wednesday morning, flanked by her controversial husband Marcus and several of her children. Bachmann did not endorse another candidate for president when she spoke, and she didn’t give any concrete information about what’s coming up for her. Still, by by looking at the number of times Bachmann mentioned certain words during her remarks, perhaps we can suss out her ambitions:


Obamacare: 9

God: 8

Republic: 7

Freedom/free: 6

Socialism: 5

Liberty: 4

Founding Fathers: 4

Dodd-Frank: 2

Constitution: 2

Though some have speculated that Bachmann will take the Palin route, leaving behind legislating for a political/celebrity side show, from this word jumble I don’t believe that’s going to be Bachmann’s path. As is evident, she is obsessed with dismantling Obamacare (going so far as to falsely state that the new health care plan involves tax-payer funded abortions—it doesn’t).

So what’s next for Bachmann? There’s been speculation for over a year that she’s going to take on incumbent Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who is running for reelection in Minnesota this year. Though she is dropping out of the presidental race, the forthright, confident nature of her speech makes it seem like she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.